It didnt work. Simon Fraser University economist David Jacks has studied the Ottawa Conference. He concludes it was a failure from the Canadian perspective . Current research in trade theory suggests one possible reason why. The gravity model of trade says that it is easier to trade with someone closer to you. Yet, economic distance is not measured in miles. Closeness also means being able to communicate with and understand someone and that is easier when people share a common language, culture, or values. The Ottawa Conference attempted to defy not only the pull of distance, but also the pull of culture. In the early years of the 20th century, Canada was slowly becoming less British. The number of Canadians claiming Asian origins tripled between 1901 and the mid 1920s; the number of Italian-Canadians increased eightfold. While the Weightlifting Chalk|Canada numbers of Canadians claiming British ancestry continued to grow, many of these were second-, third- or fourth-generation Canadians, with fading ties to the mother country. Economists now believe that immigration and trade patterns are connected. Looking at the 1970s through to the 1990s, UBC economists Keith Head and John Ries found that, when Canada admitted more immigrants from a country, especially more independent immigrants, trade with that country rose.

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